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Ivan here, it’s nice to meet you.

I’ve been managing Affiliate Programs for brands, retailers, and agencies for over 7 years. From its increasing overlap with Influencer Marketing and PR to the diverse strategies that work for businesses of all types, I’ve seen a lot!

Let’s chat and explore how we can tailor the perfect affiliate program to boost your business.

About Solomon Advertising

Mission & Values


Honest relationships that drive positive business impact.


Pioneering while remaining wise in action.


“Reach with wisdom. Scale responsibly.”

Our Services

Comprehensive Management


Your affiliate program will be custom-fit to meet your unique business goals and industry competition.

Recruit & Manage

Skip the generic outreach. Benefit from custom placements, rates, terms, and incentives negotiated for you.

Monitor & Optimize

Direct relationships will be built with your affiliates to improve performance and loyalty.

Fraud Prevention

We'll stay ahead of malicious affiliate activity with frequent monitoring.

In-Depth Reporting

Detailed reporting will determine how affiliate optimization occurs for sustained growth.

How We Can Work Together


Curious what's under the hood? I'll complete a comprehensive audit of your affiliate program to identify opportunities and help you refine your strategy for optimal performance.

Program Management

Need to expand your team? I'll do the heavy lifting to maximize the performance of your affiliates and deliver results.


Hoping to keep it all in-house? I'll teach your team the methods and processes that lead to a successful and sustainable affiliate program.

So, are we a good fit? Yes if...

You are a team needing the help of an expert who can hit the ground running on day one. Because, being buried in operations sucks and it’s time you finally set your Slack status to #optoutside. 🏕

Or, your business is a Growth-Phase-Direct-To-Consumer Brand, E-commerce business operating on lean margins, or a Publisher wanting to diversify revenue streams. I’m here to help! 🤙


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